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Moai Technologies Launches RapidSource Strategic Sourcing Program

Program Guarantees 100% Return on Investment Within 30 Days

PITTSBURGH - Moai Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of technology-enabled sourcing solutions, has launched RapidSourceTM, a program that jump-starts the strategic sourcing process by providing clients with an in-depth, two- to three-week analysis of specific commodity expenditures. RapidSource clients will receive a road map for achieving a minimum of 100% return on investment (ROI) within 30 days - guaranteed. Through RapidSource, Moai further streamlines the strategic sourcing process by identifying new areas for cost reductions within a preselected universe of commodities where Moai has built category expertise. Because more than 50% of a company's revenues are devoted to sourcing goods and services, the potential for savings from strategic sourcing initiatives is tremendous. Moai designed the RapidSource program to provide an added incentive for companies to begin these initiatives, despite shrinking information technology and consulting budgets, and as a low-risk way to accelerate current efforts or to test the effects of strategic sourcing and technology.

"With a guaranteed minimum 100% return on investment and access to Moai's extensive knowledge base and category expertise, RapidSource offers a low-risk, high-return path to e-Sourcing," said Ramesh Mehta, CEO of Moai Technologies. "With a minimum of 15 to 20 years of experience as their guide, our consultants will identify immediate savings potentials of 15 to 20 percent in targeted commodities, regardless of current or prior cost reduction programs within the company."

In addition to guaranteeing ROI, Moai has differentiated RapidSource from existing programs in other key areas. No training or software is required, and only a minimal investment of time and money is needed from the client. Furthermore, RapidSource consulting engagements are brief and concentrate on preselected commodities, enabling clients to uncover previously untapped areas of savings.

"Moai's RapidSource provides a SWAT team approach to the consulting process," said Steve Sussman, Moai's director of sourcing consulting. "In a matter of weeks, the RapidSource team performs an intense diagnostic of preselected sourcing categories, applying the tools and knowledge the client needs to move forward successfully."

After the diagnostic is complete, RapidSource consultants assist the client with administering one or two complimentary auction events in a Moai-hosted environment. This enables the company to realize the newly identified savings, gain valuable experience and apply e-Sourcing as a solution for further reducing costs.

If needed, the RapidSource SWAT team will present a business case model with a road map for achieving additional, substantial cost reductions. The RapidSource final presentation reveals new short-term cost reduction opportunities, general and specific findings, longer-term savings objectives, risk mitigation, change management and detailed steps for implementing a more expanded sourcing initiative.

"Unlike other programs with self-threaded modules, RapidSource provides every necessary tool, as well as the knowledge, expertise and methodologies needed, for companies to continue sourcing both strategically and independently - long after our SWAT team has gone," said Sussman. "RapidSource savings and benchmark data can be threaded into any next step such as catalogs, contracts, e-Procurement, supply chain, supplier relationship or ERP systems."

To date, Moai's customers have realized savings of more than $1 billion with its strategic e-Sourcing solutions. Moai expects that number to grow steadily, as new clients take advantage of the low-risk alternative and the benefits that RapidSource offers.

For more information on RapidSource, visit Moai Technologies online at or contact Steve Sussman at or 201-926-4089.

About Moai Technologies
Founded in 1996, Moai Technologies is a provider of sourcing consulting services and technology-enabled solutions that allow corporations and e-Marketplaces to realize the maximum savings possible through e-Sourcing. Moai's solutions can be customized and scaled to meet the needs of large and mid-sized organizations, no matter where they are in their

strategic sourcing process. Moai gives its customers the level of support and control they need through flexible deployment options and consulting packages. Moai also enables its customers to achieve greater productivity and profitability through thoughtful integration of spend analysis, sourcing management and contract management.

Moai has licensed its solutions to more than 145 customers in 18 countries from a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, forest products, chemicals and metals. Through strategic e-Sourcing, Moai's customers have sourced more than $10 billion in goods and services and have realized savings of more than $1 billion. Moai investors include market leaders such as Redleaf Group, Accenture Technology Ventures, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Harbourvest Venture Partners, Reuters and UPS. For more information, visit Moai online at

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